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New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc is a research based company with an interest in combining historic techniques and materials with new technologies, such as 3D printing, to create novel products that resolve loss and enhance function after the loss of a body part.

Functional Restorative Digit Prostheses

The loss of a finger can result in a loss of function in the hand. New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc., is investigating designs that use traditional anaplastology techniques and materials with 3D printed parts to produce functional prostheses that restore function as producing prostheses that are beautiful objects .

Breast Prosthetics

Many women with breast cancer have a mastectomy (breast removed as part of their treatment), choose to not have surgical reconstruction and prefer to use an external breast prosthesis. Ms. Healey has extensive experience designing various types of custom breast prostheses and has an in depth knowledge of the fit and design requirements. She is developing ways to automate her design methodologies, using new manufacturing technologies, to provide a superior mass market custom breast prosthesis to women after breast cancer.

Prosthetics After a Sarcoma Diagnosis  

Surgery for a sarcoma tumor often leaves patients with a large soft tissue deficit that requires a custom made prosthesis. Ms. Healey combines her skills as a medical sculptor and her interest in 3D imaging and additive manufacturing to develop different processes for body prostheses that can restore the body by using new technologies that can enable increased access to restorative prosthetics.

Restorative Facial Prosthetics 
Bolton 2.jpg

Life like facial prostheses restore the appearance of patients after they have lost a part of their face due to a cancer diagnosis or due to an accident or because of a congenital anomaly. To be effective a facial prosthesis must be realistic but also fit the anatomy of the patient and be designed to accommodate facial expressions.

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