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Irene Healey is a trained sculptor and a practicing visual artist with a degree in medical art from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. Part of  the medical art education included gross anatomy and histology which enabled Ms. Healey to increase her understanding of the body. 

Ms. Healey combines her visual art and medical art training as a designer of facial and body prostheses. She  practices as a Certified Clinical Anaplastologist and works with people who have lost a part of their body to a disease, or have had an accident, or  have a congenital condition and she provides various types of  custom facial and body prostheses to patients.

Her work as a sculptor keeps her  interested in new materials and technologies and it facilitates her research into finding new applications of additive manufacturing that can enable change and create novel enterprises in the field of medical prosthetics.

Ms. Healey is a frequent speaker at 3D printing conferences about applying 3D printing in the fields of art and prosthetic medicine. Not bound by any one tradition or material, Ms. Healey sees developments in additive manufacturing as exciting tools to complement and enhance other traditional capabilities. Every technology, at one point, was a novel technology and the exciting aspect of today’s rapid pace of technological innovation is our ability to more quickly find ways of building try value beyond just the fascination of novelty.  


"Body prostheses are the ultimate wearable technology and people have always sought to restore missing parts of their body using the material culture of their time. I am following in that tradition and the availability of new technologies provide an exciting time to be working  in the field of body prosthetics."

Please get in touch if there is an interest in a collaboration or joint venture. 

Irene R. Healey

New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc. 

New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc. develops and commercializes innovative external body protheses that restore function and contribute to the patient's quality of life with a focus of finding new solutions for women's health issues.

Ms. Healey’s “secret sauce” is her ability to listen to patients and understand the underlying anatomical and medical needs. Not bound by any one technique, she combines materials and design processes to develop devices that are both restorative and beautifully crafted and appropriate for each patient.


Inventing tomorrow's best prosthetic devices.


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